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Home Pameran Drupa Innovation Park 2012 with Smart Solution for The Print, Advertising and Online Industry.
Drupa Innovation Park 2012 with Smart Solution for The Print, Advertising and Online Industry.

THE drupa innovation park powered by digi; media follows on seamlessly from its success stories from 2004 and 2008. The names guarantee interesting and promising solutions for the whole sector. “ This means the dip will also be the point of reference and informationhub for print buyers and innovative media producers from the print, advertising and online industry at the upcoming drupa, “explains Manuel Matare, Director of drupa 2012, underlining the importance of the drupa innovation park.

The drupa innovation park in Hall 7.0 not only offers new and innovative companies an ideal presentation platform, it also provides new drupa target  groups access to complex topics in the area of media production. In this context the Dynaic Publishing Park is, for example, the ideal first point of contact for all decision makers from the world of marketing, advertising and publishing and helps visitors to access complex topic  areas.

Print Product Innovation Park

Discussing innovative print products, the conversation moves very quickly onto the topic of lenticular printing – the only finishing process that allows motion sequences to be displayed on a print product. It is therefore all the more gratifying that one of the pioneers and the biggest in the sector , DPLenticular ( will be appearing at the dip once again. “The drupa innovation park is an excellent opportunity for us to showcaes printing technique and to reach new target groups “ explains Daniel Pierret, founder and head of the Irish company.

Selengkapnya baca di majalah Indonesia Print Media edisi September - Oktober 2011.


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