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FUJIFILM Indonesia once again become the first in Southeast Asia to present the latest generation of JET PRESS, offset printing machines with digital inkjet technology. JET PRESS 750S is a Sheetfed Inkjet Digital Press which is proven to be able to achieve high image quality beyond offset printing with high-speed output of 3,600 sheets per hour.

1 October 2019 - PT FUJIFILM Indonesia (Fujifilm) again presents the latest printing press products for the commercial print industry, namely JET PRESS750S (JET PRESS), offset printing machines with the latest digital technology owned by FUJIFILM. JET PRESS is a new flagship model that can achieve high image quality that goes beyond offset printing because it can produce a maximum high speed output of 3,600 sheets per hour with an enlarged maximum paper size and the use of the latest printheads and inks while still maintaining the features of its predecessor Jet Press 720S, which has world recognized.

JET PRESS further increases its productivity by adopting the latest proprietary technology. High-speed output of 3,600 sheets per hour has been achieved by increasing the printhead droplet ejection speed, increasing accuracy in ink ejection control, and adopting a new drying mechanism. By increasing the maximum paper size to 750mm x 585mm, six pages of B5 size (the general size of the book) can be printed on one sheet thereby increasing production efficiency. In addition, JET PRESS is also equipped with a new high-precision image quality inspection, which inspects each printed sheet visually to automatically determine whether the print job is performed in stable quality. This reduces the number of hours worked required for inspection and sorting after printing. This new drying mechanism is one of the important factors that makes paper evenly printed and reduces the amount of electricity consumed by about 20%. The full length of the drying unit is 70cm shorter than the previous model, reducing installation space by around 15% so that it can be installed in a smaller space.

At the inauguration of the JET PRESS installation in Jakarta, Noriyuki Kawakubo - President Director of PT FUJIFILM Indonesia explained, "The presence of JET PRESS 750S in Indonesia and the first in Southeast Asia demonstrates FUJIFILM's innovative performance for the dynamic digital printing market in Asia. Fujifilm's digital printing press has been proven to consistently produce image quality that exceeds traditional offset quality. Going forward, Fujifilm is committed to expanding its line of inkjet technology that is centered on digital press to meet the needs of Indonesia's growing printing industry."

"In line with the installation of the first generation of JETPRESS in Southeast Asia, the Graphic Systems division of PT FUJIFILM Indonesia is increasingly confident of the Indonesian potential market and also the growing growth of the printing industry in Indonesia. FUJIFILM always tries to answer the challenges that exist in the printing industry at this time while actively providing added value to our customers, one of them is by working with Astragraphia and Aneka eXpress Printing."said Handra Effendi - General Manager Graphic Systems Division PT FUJIFILM Indonesia. Graphic Systems Division PT FUJIFILM Indonesia has been present since 2015 and has marketed a variety of products including digital and offset printing machines such as flatbed digital printing machines, large format roll to roll printing machines, offset printing plates.

More details can be found in the November-December 91 2019 Indonesia Print Media magazine

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