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BOBST Event News Southeast Asia Demo Day


We’re excited to invite you to our live webinar dedicated to our VISION RS5003 Gravure printing and NOVA DA800 Laminating machine!

In this event, we will demonstrate our gravure and lamination novelties focusing on PET printed by Gravure machine and laminated with Aluminum foil 7 micron with Flexo trolley.​ You will see in action printing and converting solutions that process different packaging applications:

​​​​​​BOBST VISION RS 5003 – gravure press​

-Low energy consumption and waste reduction with best-in-class twin flow dryers

-Printing consistency even at ...

low speed

-Ideal for the frequently changing packaging design

-TAPS (Total Automatic Pre-register System): unique and patented solution

BOBST NOVA DA800 – Multi-technology laminator​

-Fast job make-ready and changeovers, make it a paragon of machine performance and operational efficiency.

-Superior product quality, configuration flexibility and upgradeability

-Can be upgraded to tandem configuration any time after the installation to meet the converter's changing production requirements.

-​​Powerful and waste-saving performance

-During the demonstration, you will also be able to participate to a live Q&A.



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