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See You at WEPACK 2022 Next April!

WEPACK launching ceremony

WEPACK 2022 is going to launch a 8-IN-1 Mega show in Shenzhen next April, which covers the entire packaging industry chain. It is going to gather 1,500 leading suppliers to exhibit new technology and solutions. In July 2021, 7-IN-1 Sino Mega Expo including Hybrid SinoCorrugated 2021 and Hybrid SinoFoldingCarton 2021, the first and biggest international trade show that host a mix of in-person, live and virtual event at the same time, was successfully concluded in Shanghai. The annual industry event gathered 1,000+ exhibitors and 90,000+ visitors as well as around 12, 000 online audiences from all over the world.

Industrial Chain Restructuring in the Post-Covid Packaging Industry

In the post-epidemic era, the market demand for corrugated board packaging has not decreased but however increased. Expert analysis in the Smithers report “The Future of Global Corrugated Board Packaging to 2025” forecasts that global corrugated board will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8% across 2020-2025 to reach $205.7 billion. The volume of

board consumed worldwide will increase at a slightly slower rate to reach 193.2 million tonnes in 2025.

Given the rising raw materials & labor costs and successive environmental policies (such as bans on free plastic grocery bags, bans on imported waste and carbon neutrality), the packaging industry is stepping up its pace towards structural adjustment, upgrading and deep integration. The entire industry now is in a critical period and is urgently seeking for change.

As a bellwether of the global packaging industry, Sino mega show, having been embracing innovation and transformation, launches WEPACK to move forward to the next step.

It will be a mega show covering the entire packaging industry chain, including SinoCorrugated South 2022, SinoFoldingCarton 2022, SinoFlexPack South 2022, DPrint 2022, SinoPaper South 2022, InMAT 2022, PackCon 2022 and the newly launched We hope that WEPACK will play a synergistic effect to provide enterprises with a high-end trade platform for exchanges and in-depth cooperation, and provide integrated packaging solutions for buyers.

WEPACK, Based on RX China's 20 Years of Experience in the Packaging Industry

Since the first edition of SinoCorrugated in 2001, RX China has been committed to …

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