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Banknote security element

Caption: Judge for yourself: Which part of the image is included in the real banknote? (Photo: Fogra)

Security Elements – Security just by a window feature? Can a clear window be considered as a main security feature of banknotes and ID documents? This question is addressed in the new Fogra White Paper.

Recently, the presence of a clear window is often requested in tenders for se- curity documents. A window feature is a sharply or relatively precisely defined transparent area in a security document or banknote. Generally, a transparent substrate is provided with a white background print on both sides with a spe- cific opacity. The edge sharpness of the window, as well as the gradient of the opacity in the edge area, are also important for the characterisation of such an element. It is assumed that a clear window contributes to a high level of uniqueness and counterfeit protection. The recently published White Paper No.2 examines whether this assumption is correct.

It can be concluded that a clear window cannot be considered as a ....

main security feature of banknotes and ID documents. It must be supplemented by further multilayer security features. This finding comes from 2 perspectives:

First, measurement technologies to characterize the qualities of clear window transparency and/or overprinted film opacities are being investigated.

Second, system availabilities to generate overprints on clear windows or clear films and their potential print qualities for counterfeits are described. Both origi- nal products (e.g. banknotes and identity documents) with clear windows and various test prints on clear films were used for the experimental investigations. The measurement methods applied are briefly described and statements made about their ability to reflect visual properties. The availability of printing sys- tems was researched through internet and manufacturer contacts.

Fogra White Paper provide current knowledge and research findings for the testing and design of security documents. It is published by Fogra to serve as an independent source for the corresponding industry. ……

About the Security Application Laboratory within Fogra

The Fogra Security Application testing laboratory was founded in 1992. Since then, around 20,000 tests have been completed. The laboratory has 220 cus- tomers from 50 countries and offers more than 100 accredited tests for pass- ports and smart cards. For more than 25 years, the laboratory has been ac- credited according to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This ensures the quality of the test results as well as technical credibility and competence. For security applications, members and customers are supported with individual testing services. The Fogra Security Applications testing laboratory is the only accredited laboratory in the world with all three flexible levels for the full range of passports and smart cards testing.

About Fogra, the research institute for media technologies

Fogra conducts application-focused research in the fields of printing and media technologies. In many cases Fogra has been involved in the development of forward-looking and globally acknowledged process and quality inspection standards. The international membership is made up of companies from

across the entire spectrum of the industry, from producers of printed and elec- tronic media to equipment manufacturers. Fogra sees itself as a modern ser- vice provider that carries out inspections tailored to the industry’s needs, that advises companies on questions of quality and that mediates in technical dis- putes. Fogra’s capital consists of a massive body of knowledge combined with a high degree of technological expertise and a detailed understanding of cur-rent developments. Fogra stays true to its values in everything it does: scientifi- cally rigorous, independent and trustworthy.

Details of the new White Book No. 2 you can find in the March-April 105, 2022 edition of the print media magazine.


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