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Folding Carton Event to Host Post-Press Industry Giants—Countdown to SinoFoldingCarton 2013 Begins

China’s packaging consumption has sustained a steady increase over recent years as the country’s appetite for packaging has grown.  Rising demand has had the added effect of driving improvements in quality and raising production volume in the local packaging industry.

A greater number of printing enterprises are now engaging in transformative practices as a way to boost profits. The State Statistics Bureau estimates that the growth rate of global packaging and printing market will reach 5.6% by 2014.  For China, this figure will be 9.6%, the second highest in the world the world behind the US.  At the same time, packaging and printing is becoming increasingly environment friendly and energy conscious.  Companies in the industry are also seeking out more efficient automatic manufacturing equipment.

Post-press processing used to be considered superfluous by many printing enterprises. Some even outsourced this stage, as it was considered a “non-earner”.  Today, the industry widely acknowledges the vital importance of this step.

Today, technological developments have minimalized the difference in the quality among printing materials have fewer and fewer difference in quality, which puts post-press processing in a key position in the market competition. Folding carton manufacturers realize that they shall attract customers by enriching product varieties and creating more added value on products, which all depend on post-press technology. Besides, highly automatic post-press equipments will greatly reduce production outages and save labor cost.

Therefore, many folding carton manufacturers start to pay more attention on purchasing good post-press equipments, and SinoFoldingCarton will become a perfect platform for them to find ideal equipments.

As the biggest industrial exhibition of post-press equipments and consumables of folding carton production, SinoFoldingCarton gathers the latest industrial news and the most advanced technologies to provide enterprises with the best solutions of production efficiency improvement and consumption reduction.

In other printing shows, there are usually very few items of packaging production to be displayed so that packaging companies feel hard to find ideal products in such shows. But SinoFoldingCarton is definitely the right show for them, as each exhibitor, equipment and consumable in this event is closely related to the production of visitors.

Over 300 foreign and domestic post-press equipments manufacturing enterprises with good reputation will take part in SinoFoldingCarton 2013 this time to exhibit over 600 excellent post-press equipments and more than 800 kinds of consumables, including die-cutting machines, stamping machines, gluers, glazing machines, laminating machines, quality-check equipments and glue-spraying system.

Exhibitors of the show include Dongguan Caishun, Shanghai Eternal Machinery, Masterwork, Meiguang Machinery, Shanghai Yoco, Hongming Machinery, Chengyuan Printing Machinery, Dongjing Wenhong, Shanghai Dragon Printing Machinery and Yuanheng Printing Machinery. Rarely seen equipments will appear in highlighted positions in the venue, and exhibitors can even display their equipments in a real workshop at the scene.

To meet demands of different visitors, the show will set three special zones—electronic monitoring code zone, packaging paper zone and oil ink zone to display the three kinds of products, which will save the time of cost of some visitors who come with particular targets.

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